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Conveniently access information on claims and benefits through our Provider Portal.

Explore more details and guidelines within our Provider Manuals.

Navigate our Provider policies, prior authorizations, procedures, and updates.

Access our provider forms and resources, including valuable tips from our team.

Utilize this link if you are a non-contracted group and would like to request a contract. If you are a provider located outside of the service area (WV, OH, PA, KY, VA, MD) please submit here 

Utilize this link for submitting a facility change request, e.g., Hospital, DME, Skilled Nursing, etc.

Utilize this link to add a new provider to an existing group or to submit a practitioner change for an already contracted provider, e.g., MD, CNP, PA, PT, LPCC, etc. Please also utilize this link to add or remove an address for an existing group.