Peak Advantage will be available during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period starting in the fall


MORGANTOWN, W.VA. – Peak Health, a new health insurer and health insurance services company headquartered in Morgantown, is pleased to announce its application to offer Medicare Advantage plans, with enrollment starting in October for eligible coverage beginning Jan. 1.

This fall, Medicare-eligible residents will have the opportunity to enroll in a plan that was specifically created to meet the needs of seniors in West Virginia. The plan has been designed in partnership with two of the state’s leading health systems, WVU Medicine and Marshall Health, whose combined experience in treating Medicare patients has led to a breakthrough approach that will offer more convenience, collaboration, transparency, and value to members.

Peak Health will be the only West Virginia-based insurance company to offer Medicare Advantage plans sponsored by West Virginia providers. The WVU Medicine and Marshall Health alliance is key to creating a completely collaborative approach to health coverage that was created by and for West Virginians.

“By filing an application to offer this new Medicare Advantage plan, Peak Health has taken an important step forward in meeting the unique needs of seniors throughout the state,” Ben Gerber, president and CEO of Peak Health, said. “Too often, Medicare patients are prevented from fully optimizing their benefits due to lack of communication and, frankly, too much red tape.”

Gerber believes that the new Medicare Advantage plan offers a better way and a better all-round experience for members. The key is in offering affordable and accessible services and assistance made possible by a collaborative relationship between providers and payers.

“When your health plan and your health systems are working hand-in-hand, the plan member benefits from better communication and easier access to the services they need,” Gerber said.

The goal of improving health for all West Virginians is the driving factor behind the creation of Peak Health. And its focus on transparency and accessibility is the key. With easy-to-use applications and online portals, Peak has created a system to simplify appointments and billing and allow patients to easily communicate with healthcare professionals and providers they trust.

Peak Advantage will be offered to those who have recently become eligible for Medicare and will allow those who are currently enrolled in Original Medicare, another Medicare Advantage plan, or a Medicare Supplement plan to switch coverage.